Don’t Be Afraid

As I sit drinking my coffee and perusing the Internet, this thought comes to me:

“Don’t be afraid.”
The news is filled with chaos, anger, foreboding and all sorts of rip offs.  If we take all of this too seriously, we’ll be severely depressed.
But there’s a truth for us that keeps us from fear:
What each believes and the choices we make are squarely in our hands; no one else’s.

I don’t need to be afraid because I know who God is and who I am.  I know my boundaries and limits.  I will choose how I think, feel and act; no one can make me do otherwise…unless, of course, I choose to give them the power.

I admit that I write this as an American, sitting comfortably in the United States.  There are no soldiers outside my door who insist that I look and act a certain way.

These days, there are challenges arising here:  Will I turn in an illegal immigrant or support that person?  Will I join in the hateful speech and actions of many or risk alienation because I choose to honor all?

Dear fellow patriots:
For those of you who face grave consequences as you choose to be true to God and yourself, I am praying for you.  Stand tall; don’t be afraid.
To all who are more like me:  The risks are less threatening; the choices more subtle, I pray for you as well.  Take a stand for goodness and all that is right; don’t be afraid.

When you are tempted to say that somebody is making you think or act in a particular way, remember the heroes around the world who refused to acquiesce, even if it meant giving their lives.  The power is yours; stand firm, don’t be afraid.

If enough of us stand for what is right, refusing to give in to corruption and chaos, peace and joy will reign.
Let’s join together as one loud, clear voice:  Speak truth and act with the welfare of all around us in mind.  As an army of peace, we have strength and power that cannot be stolen or quenched.  Together, we will not be afraid!


“Of the People, For the People” (???)

take back the power

Way back when our founders were creating the kind of government we would have, they said it would be “of the people, for the people.”

Hmmmmm, I wonder if any of that still exists.

As I have already said in previous posts, we are limited to choosing between people who have the financial means and ego to run for office.

In this last election, we ended up settling for one of two people we really didn’t want:  Hardly a choice.

My question:  How do we take back the power of choice that is rightfully ours?

I did write to one of my senators about this whole matter of Russia tampering with our election.  I got some nice rhetoric, but my suggestion that Donald Trump’s inauguration be postponed until this is cleared up didn’t get addressed at all.  I really wasn’t surprised.

If you have even an inkling of an idea on this, please post a comment.

What Is Your Top Issue?

Regardless of where you live, there are matters that really have priority:




Medical care

Human services

Poverty relief

Environmental quality


Equal rights

Cost of living

Fairness in government

And more


I have always cringed when I ear politicians say, “That’s what the American people want!”  Like they have listened long enough to know.  Almost always, it is quite different from anything on my wish list.


What issues are important to you?  If you could put one thing before leaders, what would it be?





Global Community

I was intrigued by a number of headlines yesterday that expressed how connected we truly are.  Ones like, “Trump’s Election Encourages the European Right,” which went on to describe the desire of some to upend the global “world order.”


I pondered this for a while.  Can we really step away from something that has developed over so many years?  Technology, corporate ownership, citizenship, travel and just about everything else I can think of has gone global. Even the choice of leaders impacts everybody, regardless of where you or I live.


A couple of examples that have me especially concerned are:

*Trump and the Paris Agreement

*How trade and alliances will be changed


If there is one thing I have learned as I follow the news on global warming, it is that my actions here in my little home town affects the whole world, even if I refuse to recognize that.


My bottom line:  We are citizens and patriots of our own nations; we are citizens and patriots of the world.  We “common folk” need to stand up and do our part wherever and whenever possible.  We may not be allowed to say much, but we can walk or take public transit instead of driving, use less electricity and recycle.  We can find small ways to empower each other:  A kind word, sharing resources, refusing to join in tearing down.


I have not felt all that effective or strong in addressing national issues and candidates.  That all seems a bit overwhelming to me.

Working on a local level, however, is well within my reach.  One thing I will do more of is to facilitate stronger relationships in my neighborhood.  I firmly believe that we need to know and help each other.


What choices and actions are in reach for you?  What do you do to improve life in our global community, even if it seems small and insignificant?


Let’s join together, fellow patriots of Planet Earth; let’s empower, help, encourage and cheer each other on.