Global Community

I was intrigued by a number of headlines yesterday that expressed how connected we truly are.  Ones like, “Trump’s Election Encourages the European Right,” which went on to describe the desire of some to upend the global “world order.”


I pondered this for a while.  Can we really step away from something that has developed over so many years?  Technology, corporate ownership, citizenship, travel and just about everything else I can think of has gone global. Even the choice of leaders impacts everybody, regardless of where you or I live.


A couple of examples that have me especially concerned are:

*Trump and the Paris Agreement

*How trade and alliances will be changed


If there is one thing I have learned as I follow the news on global warming, it is that my actions here in my little home town affects the whole world, even if I refuse to recognize that.


My bottom line:  We are citizens and patriots of our own nations; we are citizens and patriots of the world.  We “common folk” need to stand up and do our part wherever and whenever possible.  We may not be allowed to say much, but we can walk or take public transit instead of driving, use less electricity and recycle.  We can find small ways to empower each other:  A kind word, sharing resources, refusing to join in tearing down.


I have not felt all that effective or strong in addressing national issues and candidates.  That all seems a bit overwhelming to me.

Working on a local level, however, is well within my reach.  One thing I will do more of is to facilitate stronger relationships in my neighborhood.  I firmly believe that we need to know and help each other.


What choices and actions are in reach for you?  What do you do to improve life in our global community, even if it seems small and insignificant?


Let’s join together, fellow patriots of Planet Earth; let’s empower, help, encourage and cheer each other on.






I am writing this two days after the end of the most contentious, difficult election of my lifetime for sure, possibly in the entire history of the United States.  I could spend plenty of time commenting on candidates, issues and all of that, but I think we have heard quite enough!


What has my attention is this:  We the people need to have a much stronger voice.


AT this point, we sort of get swept along, being left with choices that we don’t really want to make.


Oh, there’s Bernie Sander’s “Our Revolution,” which has merit; but the common person doesn’t have a say in the agenda or issues to be addressed.


We can contact representatives, senators and the White House, but again, we don’t really get heard.


So this is my attempt to give everyone who wants to express opinions, ask questions or make suggestions a chance to speak and be heard.


I do have a couple of simple ground rules:


  1.  Please refrain from name calling, profanity, insulting others who comment or advertising.  In other words, please be respectful.  If your post is offensive, I’ll remove it.
  2. Please be constructive.  If I get suggestions and ideas that are noteworthy, I’ll pass them on to appropriate parties.
  3. Please be patient.  I try to answer comments, but there is more to my life than blogging.


Thank you for participating; have a powerful, encouraging visit.