Trump Doesn’t Like People

He continues to prove that by what he says and does:

*He is cracking down on immigrants, even when they are contributing to the well being of our nation.

*He wants to shut down the government in order to push through funding on his “wall” – a move that will mean that millions of Americans will go without their monthly incomes.


*He is willing to repeal the Affordable Care Act without something at least as good to replace it.

*He is spending tax money to have expensive weekends at Mar A Lago, while he strives to shut down programs that help homeless and low income Americans.

*He wants to do away with such organizations as NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts and museums…


*Hee wants to do away with anything that has to do with protecting the environment.

*He calls us stupid, silly,…


On the list goes.


How did we ever end up with such a self absorbed, simple minded man for President???


What happens in your country?

In the United States, candidates run for President every four years.  This time, the campaigns started relatively early in 2015.

Each political party votes for its own candidates until they have one who will be on the national ballot.

The peaceful transition of power is one of the primary values in governing the US.

People who run for President typically are in the higher income brackets and have years of progressive experience in politics for the most part.

We have to rely on news sources to decide on our choice for political office, since there is no real way for us to know these people.


What is the government like where you live?

How are leaders chosen?

How much freedom do you have to speak, even when you disagree?

What is strongest about your nation?

How else would you describe your country and how it works?