Cat and Mouse

Cat VS Mouse Pictures

“I’ll tell you my decision…

Today maybe…

Or tomorrow….

Changed my mind!

Okay, I’ll leave things as they are…

For now, anyway;

Or until

I change my mind.”



Stop playing cat and mouse with the American people and the world!!



A Letter to Citizens

Dear People:

Dear common folk, who get up, go to work or school; who take care of the home and family:

Know that you matter today.  Understand that your actions are important.

We need you.

We need you to join wth us, speak up, stand for what is right.

Vulnerable people need you to stand with them, proecting, support, advocating…


I called this blog “Patriotsvoiceblog” because of a statement by Barack Obama, that we are all patriots.  I could have called it citizensvoice, but you get my point:  Each person builds a nation.


Stand up;

Take courage;

Be heard today.


With honor,



Bernie Sanders says, “The Democrats need to become a grassroots party.”

I find myself wondering if this is possible.  Nations are run by the wealthy elite; the common citizen has limited information and power.


If there could be such a party, it could be called, “The Common Folks.”  It would need to have room for differences of opinions, while having a clear vision and standard.  The big question would be, How do we set up communications and such so that the average person has access?


Next, we would have to be willing to join together for fund raising, since our candidates wouldn’t be all that rich.


Then, there’s getting their names out there and having enough people behind them to get into the debates…


Ah, dream on!



I Don’t Know

I have asked a few people in the past week, “Who would you like for president in 2021?”
Pretty much unanimously, they have said, “I don’t know.”

Indeed, how would we?  What we have is what gets presented to us in the media.  Sometimes that is more accurate than at other times.

The other thing that happens is that running for president is available to people with LOTS of money, who have the ego to go for it.  By the time we are getting to know him or her, that person is pretty far along in the process.

So then, how can we do things differently?

I don’t know.


Dare to speak up;
Act with integrity;
Remember that you matter;
Expect greater things.


Do not give up;
Always hope for the best;
Reach for the brightest of stars;
Embrace what life brings.


Dance on and on;
Ask for prosperity;
Risk for a better future;
Expand your living.

Who Would You Choose?

Who do you want to be President of the United States in the 2020 election?  Why?  What do you look for in leadership?

Here are a few “pump primers” for you:

Elizabeth Warren

Mario Rubio

Michelle Obama

John Kerry

Admittedly, each of these people is associated with a major political party.  Your choice may or may not be.