“Of the People, For the People” (???)

take back the power

Way back when our founders were creating the kind of government we would have, they said it would be “of the people, for the people.”

Hmmmmm, I wonder if any of that still exists.

As I have already said in previous posts, we are limited to choosing between people who have the financial means and ego to run for office.

In this last election, we ended up settling for one of two people we really didn’t want:  Hardly a choice.

My question:  How do we take back the power of choice that is rightfully ours?

I did write to one of my senators about this whole matter of Russia tampering with our election.  I got some nice rhetoric, but my suggestion that Donald Trump’s inauguration be postponed until this is cleared up didn’t get addressed at all.  I really wasn’t surprised.

If you have even an inkling of an idea on this, please post a comment.


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