Take Back the Power…

…Raise the Standard

The notion that our government is “Of the people, for the people.”  is basically obselete.

Because our choice for the Presidency and Congress is limited to people who have the money, standing and ambition, we don’t really get much of a selection.

Can we turn that around at all?  If so, how?

I don’t have the answers, but I really want a change; I don’t want to be in the position of choosing between two candidates that are more or less undesirable.  And who did we end up with?  Someone who does not represent the majority of Americans at all!
“Our Revolution” has some good ideas and may help to turn the tide in a number of ways; however, they are pretty much deciding the agenda, while they solicit donations from the general population without listening to them.

Somehow, we need to find our voice.  We need to take back the power that our forefathers intended for us and we need to raise the standard.

A piece of the solution is to start locally.  That is where each person has the most impact, from writing to the editor of the newspaper to supporting qualified candidates.

Next, I wonder if writing to larger media outlets would make a difference.
Then, there’s becoming active in a political party or movement, if you have the energy for it.
Writing to representatives and senators never hurts, although I’m not convinced it helps all that much either….okay, a little cynical.

Any ideas on this?  How do we have a better election next time?


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